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Our mission is to provide inspiration, guidance, and empathy in order  to facilitate personal transformation and foster a holistic connection between mind, body, and spirit. We belive in the body’s innate capacity for self-healing and we provide a comprehensive range of services aimed at promoting purposeful living, growth and spiritual evolution. Our team of professional, compassionate, well trained & nurturing staff  are dedicated to offering a multitude of options to assist you including personalized health consultations, life coaching, yoga instruction, reiki, sound healing, guided meditation sessions, herbal apothecary, stress management techniques, chakra balancing practices, detoxification programs, energy work, readings, seminars and workshops.

At The Sages Circle, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of classes, workshops and support groups designed to foster personal growth, community connection, and holistic well-being. Our diverse offerings cater to a broad spectrum of interests and needs, providing enriching experiences for individuals at every stage of their journey. From enlightening Tea & Tarot sessions to empowering Mental Health Meetups, our calendar of events  is replete with opportunities for learning, healing, and camaraderie.

In addition to our core offerings, we host specialized groups such as the Young Windows Group for those navigating the complexities of grief, as well as a supportive Mom Support Group to provide a nurturing space for mothers to connect and share their experiences. Our Sunday Services offer moments of reflection and spiritual nourishment, while our Free Movie Nights provide occasions for relaxation and entertainment within a communal setting.

For those seeking balance and alignment, we offer transformative experiences such as Chakra Balancing sessions and invigorating Drum Circles, allowing participants to tap into the innate wisdom of their bodies and connect with the rhythms of the universe. This is just a glimpse of the myriad experiences awaiting you at The Sages Circle.

For further details and scheduling, we invite you to peruse the comprehensive list of events on our bookings page or reach out to us directly for personalized assistance and guidance. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and connection.

 The  Sanctuary opens 15 -30 minutes before all workshops, classes and event start and the door to the entrance locks promptly when class begins. To avoid getting locked out and missing class we suggest that you arrive early.

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