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Capital Region’s Premier Metaphysical Shop & Mind Body Spirit Center

- Metaphysical Supply Store
- Massage, Reiki, Psychic Readings
- Yoga, Music & Workshops
- Crystal, Rocks & Healing Stones

What is a Sage?

In ancient times, Sages were revolutionaries, teachers and healers whose wisdom was sought by those seeking universal truths on how to live well in the world. Here at Sages Circle, we believe that we are ALL Sages with valuable things to teach each other and we foster spiritual growth through a wide variety of workshops, yoga classes, psychic readings, reiki, meditation, metaphysical supplies, and much more!

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Promoting Higher Consciousness & Positive Health

The Sages Circle promotes a safe, sanctuary like environment for all your holistic needs. In our metaphysical supply store we carry crystals, jewelry, candles, books, sacred items, statues, incense, herbal supplies, alternative health products & more. We purchase a variety of our inventory from local artisans who aspire to soothe your soul with their talented variety of products. We combine our fantastic store front with a diverse selection of Yoga classes, meditation instruction , stress relief sessions, reiki, massage, psychic readings & more.

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Intuitive Readings

Our practitioner provides tarot and oracle readings, love & Relationship guidance, spiritual counsel and special questions can be answered as well.

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Your Spiritual Journey Begins Here

Our goal is to provide you inspiration, guidance and compassion  to help you transform your life and promote a connection of mind, body and spirit.  

At The Sages Circle  we offer a holistic variety of services to promote living with purpose, healing and spiritual growth. Our services include One-On-One Health Consultations, Yoga, Reiki, Guided Meditation, Herbal Apothecary, Stress Management,  Chakra Balancing, Detoxification, Energy Work,  Readings, Seminars, Workshops, a full metaphysical shop and more!

Inside the walls of the  Mind Body Spirit Center can be found a calm and peaceful environment dedicated to promoting the body’s ability to heal itself. The group of trained staff who practice here hold the highest good for those in their care while working to provide holistic and natural solutions to health and wellbeing.

To help inspire you on your journey, The Sages Circle has a Sacred Sanctuary open free to the public during normal business hours.  Come meditate, sit and destress, play some of our singing bowls, or read quietly. We honor the earth and each turn of the wheel of the year.  We hold space for Full Moon Celebrations and hold community to encourage spiritual growth.

What our Customers are Saying

  • Isabell Eafrato - 5/14/2022

    I love this place! It’s my go to Crystal store. I love how they have local products in there as well. Not to mention how well everything is priced! 💗💗💗

  • Talia Thomas - 3/24/2022

    Every experience is a positive one and the people that work here are so nice, so helpful, and just so amazing. One of my favorite stores <3

  • Jennifer Gregory - 10/24/2021

    Adorable shop, sweet sweet staff. Absolutely worth stopping in and. Checking it out. Events held here. Went to a Wand making event and had a blast!

  • Coach Gramps - 7/29/2021

    An Amazing Wonderful Place, Filled with all instruments for a healthy mind, body & soul!

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Uplifting & Supporting

One of the Goals of The Sages Circle is to fashion a safe, nurturing and up lifting environment for like minded people. Our Hope is to promote a community of people who support each other and our common goals. We also want to support small growing businesses and teen entrepreneurship by being mentors and a support system to our artisans.

Find the clarity you seek with a Psychic Reading

Rev. JaimePawlinga, owner of The Sages Circle carefully hand picks all of the guest psychic readers at Sages. She wants each of them to draw a picture of Sages values of compassion, kindness, integrity and family. Click here to learn more

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What kind of Products & Services do you provide?

We offer Holistic & Alternative Health Services. Metaphysical Shop, Mind, Body, Spirit Center. Meditation/Yoga Spiritual Counsel, Reiki, Meditation, Massage, Mediumship, Integrative Energy Therapy, CBD products, Natural Pain Remedies, Apothecary compounding.

How do I know what I need?

Our team of healers & associates have a wealth of knowledge on spirituality, holistic therapy, healing tools/supplies, crystals and much more. If you’re unsure where to begin, we would be delighted to help! Stop by the shop or send us a message right here.

What kind of Events do you hold here?

Our events are frequent and varied. They are a great opportunity to meet new people and explore your Spiritual side. We hold a variety of Inter-Faith Services, Vigils, Full Moon gatherings, group meditations, Solstice / Equinox / Wheel of the Year observance, and much more!

How do Crystals work?

Crystals are said to have healing properties. The belief is that the high vibrations of crystals interact with your own energy fields. They can turn up the dial on your own energy levels or get to work channeling energies, cleansing any blockages in your chakra levels and bring your body, mind, and soul into alignment.

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