Rev. Jaime Pawlinga

Empathic Intuitive Reader 

Rev. Jaime Pawlinga is the owner of The Sages Circle,  Resident Psychic and one of our two  Interfaith Spiritualist Ministers and Spiritual Counsels. She is a  deeply compassionate, Natural Born Healer who enjoys making lasting connects with her clients. 

Rev. Jaime  is a lifelong resident of Upstate New York and a second-generation Empathic Intuitive inheriting her gifts from her mother. Rev. Jaime has had her active abilities since childhood and now uses them to help people. She assists people to connect with their spirit guides, get clarity on every day issues, develop spiritual plans, answers questions you may have  and seek closure.

Intuitive Services offered by Rev. Jaime 

One on one readings
Individual Spiritual Guidance Sessions

Home/Office Cleansing

Rev. Jaime also offers: 

Yoga and Meditation Classes (private and group)
Chakra Balancing
Spiritual Counsel
Life Coaching
Herbal Health Consults
End of life Transitioning
Energy Healing
Guided Imagery Sessions 
Drum Circle
Sound Healing
Officiating Weddings, Christening or Memorial services


For over a year Mark Schmidt has been The Sages Circle Resident Psychic Medium and a huge part of our family It is with a sad heart that we announce Mark can not be with us in that capacity any longer . We wish him all the best and send hope into the universe that life will return him to Sages at some point. Here is his message to you all:

A Message from 
The Medium Mark
February 18, 2023

Dear Sages Circle Family,

Even the sunniest of days and clearest of paths can present unexpected challenges, some a psychic could never even predict. That is what makes the experience of life worth living, never truly knowing how our path will turn out. But having the courage to keep going into the unknown, trusting our intuition that challenge and change is what helps define our lives. Because of this, it is with a heavy heart that I announce effective immediately, I can no longer fulfill my duties as the resident Medium for The Sages Circle.

I am resigning my role and responsibilities so I can focus on the health of myself and my family.
I will remain a part of The Sages Circle Family and always will be. This was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to personally make and not one taken lightly. I truly want to thank all of my clients/friends, customers, family and unique new friends I've made along the way since October 2021.

I will still be doing readings at a later date in time, purely as the role of a reader.  Thank you all for everything and the amazing continued support! In the meantime, I leave you in the hands of my dear friend Rev. Jaime Pawlinga who is a gifted intuitive  and can help you in your time of need with her empathic compassion and psychic readings.  

With Lots of love,
Mark Schmdt