Mark Schmidt


Mark Schmidt is Sages Resident Psychic Medium and one of our four Interfaith Spiritualist Ministers and Spiritual Counsels.

Mark is a lifelong resident of Upstate New York and a second-generation Psychic Medium inheriting his gifts from his mother. Mark has had his active abilities since childhood and now uses them to help people around the world. He assists people to connect with loved ones, get clarity on love, life, career and seek closure.

Services offered by Mark:
One on one and group readings
Certified love and relationship readings
Tarot and Oracle Card Readings
Spiritual Counsel
Home/Office Cleansing

A Message from Mark:

Greetings! I’m Mark. I am a lifelong second-generation Psychic Medium residing in Upstate New York. I am Blogger, musician, author, ordained minister, and certified spiritual life coach.

 A majority of my life was lost; walking, running, and at times crawling on paths of what I forced myself to believe would make those around me happy!  in turn, their acquiescence would assure me that my life and very existence held value on paper and in memory. This was the only true way to define success or even happiness. Or, at least I thought.

In time, I grew and freed myself of my self-imposed belief system that listening to your inner voice and following your heart is a bad thing. I punished myself for years and insisted that life was about sacrifice and helping advance the dreams and happiness of others while never considering myself. What did I learn? When I allowed myself to follow my dreams and be who I really was; not only did I improve my life, but I actually made more of a difference for the greater good by allowing a more happy, productive, and vested self to thrive in the community!


What I do:

I believe everyone has an opportunity to change and find happiness. I believe that no matter what you’ve been through or how buried you are feeling, there is always a way it can improve! It begins with you. Yes, it is possible to learn how to feel better and experience a sense of love and self-worth. Yes! You can obtain inner peace, your idea of happiness, not someone else’s, true inspiration, and balanced wellness again.

The moments in life when we can find our way back to ourselves again and discover a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. That to me is the greatest moment to see. I am a teacher, and spiritual life coach, and I use my abilities as a psychic medium to share insight from my spirit guides. I am also a drummer, blogger, and writer. I teach developing spiritual abilities. I help individuals learn how to rediscover a greater sense of peace, joy, meaning, and purpose through writing, sharing, and session work. 

Welcome, and I hope we can work together to change that inner voice of reason that’s full of doubt, because Yes! You can!


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